This is us!

Welcome to Something Motherhood!

I’m Paola, wife to Diego, mom to big boy Matthew and my squishy little Sammy. 

So our story is: We’re from Venezuela (Me) and Colombia (Diego) we met in Miami, Florida – while in high school. Finished school, 6 years later we decided to get married and enjoy every second of it. We had a four-legged family before we jumped in the “growing our human family waggon” in 2013 our first boy Matthew was born, it made our world change. We decided we had to do it again, so we got lucky with another boy and just 22 months later Samuel was born. They are the reason we wake every day trying to be better for them. 

In 2016 we started a little company called Juicebox Clothing and thanks to it I was able to stay home with the boys. A couple of months later we decided to move to Canada, and oh boy it has been an adventure! getting used to a new community, weather, system and making new friends; but I couldn’t ask for better companions that my husband and boys.

I’m so happy you are here and hope you like it!